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At GrowthPoint, we are leading the charge in renewable energy investments in Cyprus. Our mission is to empower communities with sustainable energy solutions by pioneering advancements in energy storage and offering comprehensive green consulting services.
We aspire to be the premier investment and consulting firm in the renewable energy sector. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, partnership, and excellence, we are committed to driving the transition to a greener future.
Our goal is to eliminate fossil fuel dependence in Cyprus by 2040 through strategic investments in state-of-the-art energy storage systems and commercial photovoltaic (PV) projects. Join us as we promote environmental stewardship and foster economic growth, shaping a sustainable energy ecosystem for generations to come.
Kirill Popov
  • 25 years of professional experience in the energy and chemical industries
    Past experience
  • Head of the division for outlook, analysis and development, marketing and trading at one of the world's largest oil & gas companies
  • Invested in multiple startups conducting R&D in chemistry and biotech
  • Vice-president of the Russian Chemist Union and member of the petrochemical department at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • MSc in Applied Physics and Natural Sciences (RUDN University, Russia)

Dr. Mikhail Novikov
  • 15 years of professional experience in power electronics and business development
    Past experience
  • Founder, CTO, and CEO of Elmank, a company developing and implementing power electronics, battery management systems, and control systems
  • Published author of research articles, owns patents
  • PhD in Power Electronics (Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia)
Dmitri Ramzaitsev
  • 14 years of professional experience in business development, corporate finance, and asset management
    Past experience
  • Head of a Family Office overseeing several projects in a diversified range of industries
  • Finance director and Head of business development of a project developing the largest manganese mine in Russia with investments of over $350M
  • Investment banking at Morgan Stanley (London)
  • BA in Mathematics, MSc in Financial Economics (University of Oxford, UK)
Our investments PROJECTS
GrowthPoint is committed to high-impact renewable energy projects, exemplified by our investment in a 1.2MW commercial photovoltaic (PV) station. This project is projected to generate approximately 1,800 MWh of clean energy annually, sufficient to power over 500 homes.
Our investment strategy prioritizes maximizing environmental benefits while ensuring robust financial returns. By leveraging advanced PV technology and optimized energy management systems, we significantly enhance the efficiency and sustainability of our projects.
With this 1.2MW commercial PV station, GrowthPoint is strengthening Cyprus's renewable energy capacity. Our approach is centered on sustainable and profitable energy solutions that benefit both the community and our partners.
At GrowthPoint, we offer specialized green renewable energy consulting services tailored to your specific needs. Our comprehensive approach includes:
Energy Analysis
Expert Advice
Optimization Strategies
We conduct a thorough analysis of your energy production and consumption patterns, along with a detailed assessment of your financial performance.
Our team provides expert advice on the best Energy Storage System (ESS) solutions, including various battery technologies, hydrogen storage options, and innovative alternatives.
Our goal is to help you achieve maximum efficiency and sustainability in your energy operations. We offer tailored investment proposals based on our analysis, recommending optimized energy systems for your business.
Energy Consulting
GrowthPoint is actively seeking partners within the photovoltaic (PV) community in Cyprus to collaborate on commercial PV stations and explore the advantages of Energy Storage Systems (ESS). By partnering with us, you gain access to innovative energy solutions and lucrative investment opportunities.
With GrowthPoint you can
Reduce your electricity bill
Increase income from your PV installation
Contribute to the green transition of our country
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